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Coolsculpting & Liposonix

Let’s Get Naked!

Susan Van Dyke, M.D. on navigating non-invasive fat reduction treatment options

When you think of statements that instantly grab attention, “Let’s Get Naked” would invariably near the top of the list. It comes as no surprise that the world’s great marketing minds would flip this into a truly outstanding marketing campaign, which is exactly what CoolSculpting™ has done for their version of a non-invasive fat reduction treatment (I am sure you have heard me speak about this before). I must admit – I love CoolSculpting. We’ve now hit the one year milestone of reducing belly bulges, muffin tops and love handles , and are now the most experienced practice in Greater Phoenix having performed over 800 treatments to date. I can tell you that it works, and not just on bellies and flanks, but also arms, bra fat, and even inner thighs. Sure, I believe in diet and exercise and I encourage myself and my patients to embark on a healthy, active lifestyle. I do, however, take issue with those who say the only acceptable way to look good is thru diet and exercise! What about those who still have a stubborn spare tire despite best efforts? All you post-menopausal ladies may be able to relate. Once the hormones go south, the fat becomes more stubborn. We have also seen great results on the super fit young crowd carrying a little bulge here and there.

Equally exciting to announce, Van Dyke Laser & Skin has just signed on as Arizona’s exclusive provider of a brand new non-invasive fat reduction treatment, Liposonix®! While similar in nature to CoolSculpting, Liposonix differs in the treatment process. Instead of using cold to freeze fat, it uses focused ultrasound technology to melt fat. It focuses heat one-half inch below the skin surface to give the average patient a one inch reduction in waist size in one hour. After that hour treatment, Liposonix takes about 12 weeks for full effect and, similar to CoolSculpting, will help you achieve your body shaping goals.

Looking at the immediate history of both treatments, Liposonix® was FDA approved in September 2011; CoolSculpting in September 2010. I am often asked which I like better, but that’s difficult to answer. What I like best is offering two excellent choices for non-invasive fat removal (the first in the southwest to offer this choice), ultimately making people happier and more comfortable with their bodies!

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