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Dr. Susan Van Dyke

NO Sugar/ NO Sweat: walk to find a cure for type 1 diabetes

I am all about looking and feeling your best. We do all kinds of non invasive procedures. Some for wrinkles and sundamage, others for body contouring and firming. One of the newer and more satisfying procedures eliminates sweat, odor and hair from underarms.   Imagine that, no deodorant needed! FDA approved MiraDry is a non invasive simple treatment that produces permanent results.

I am delighted that MiraDry has joined with us to support our JDRF team….. and here is why:

Ever join a team to walk or run for a cause? My first was a marathon. It was also my last matathon but that is another story. I ran and raised money for my mom. She developed type 2 diabetes when she was 50 and died from it at 77, too young. She lived with me and my 4 boys those last 15 years. My kids grew up with Nana becoming disoriented and passing out with little notice (insulin reaction) or slowly fading into lethargy (high blood sugar). They became great at assessing her blood sugar level and when to offer her insulin or orange juice or call 911.

Mom had been gone a couple of years when my heart broke as the doctor confirmed that my youngest also had diabetes. The word was all too familiar. I cried, Brian cried, the doctor darn near cried as we all tried to wrap our heads around how a strapping athletic 21 year old could have an incurable disease. His blood sugar was 4 times normal. The first insulin shot came within seconds. He hasn’t lived a minute since without finger sticks, test strips, insulin shots and an arduous awareness of every morsel of food and minute of exercise he indulges in as he tries to live a normal life. Now at 26 he is amazingly successful in his work and social life despite being tethered to an insulin pump. It keeps him alive and is the best we have till a cure.

So both my mom and son have the same disease: NO!! They actually have two very different conditions that can end with the same horrifying long-term complications (blindness, kidney failure, amputations) all due to too much sugar in the blood.

Mom’s diabetes: Type 2, a metabolic disease (my brother also has it), can often be controlled with diet and exercise and although in the end some become dependent on insulin, many do not. Type 2s make insulin but they have become resistant to it often because of excessive body weight. Weight loss has been shown to stop the disease and sometimes effects a “cure”.

My son’s diabetes: Type 1, an autoimmune disorder. It is also known as juvenile diabetes (although there are plenty of adults being diagnosed these days). Type 1s are typically of normal body weight, and are insulin dependent from the very beginning. They don’t make insulin. They don’t get cured.

I have raised money for a great organization: the American Diabetes Association but now my heart is in support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The JDRF mission is to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.   Having looked at the research JDRF funds I am amazed and I truly believe that a cure is possible in my son’s lifetime.

And so we walk.

Join our team: “NO Sugar/NO Sweat” at the JDRF Walk on April 11.



A Rejuvenating Spring

Spring is coming! Rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation after a long hard winter (for most of the country, anyway). It got me to thinking. What a great time to do a little rejuvenating of our own.

Rejuvenate: to make young again. In terms of skin it’s all about generating new cells that act and look younger. Over the last 2 decades we have learned much about regeneration of skin with lasers. The great thing about skin is that if you injure it in just the right way it will grow back better than before. There are a group of lasers that have the ability to provide this regenerating injury. The key concept is not unlike aerating your lawn. The laser, leaving plenty of normal intact skin to heal and rejuvenate, makes multiple tiny injuries. Brand new, healthier, prettier skin appears within days of the laser treatment…. hence, rejuvenation.

There are many types and brands of rejuvenating lasers (also know as resurfacing lasers). One of the best and most popular rejuvenating lasers is the Fraxel Dual. Dual actually means that there are 2 lasers (1550 and 1927 wavelengths) in one machine. One focuses on regenerating collagen resulting in firmer and smoother skin. Fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, scars, texture and color all improve. The second laser improves the surface including age spots and precancers as well as texture and pore size. Both lasers can be used singly or in unison to create just exactly the right treatment of each individual person’s needs.

One reason that the Fraxel Dual is so popular is that the recovery is not bad. Everyone gets some redness and swelling but it is rarely necessary to hide out. Make up can be worn from the first day if need be. Regardless, within about 4 days most of the redness and swelling are gone and within a week the skin looks great.

Another advantage of the Fraxel Dual is that it is perfect for almost everybody from the older patient with severe sundamage and aging right down to the younger one looking for a brighter fresher complexion. In fact starting young allows for prejuvenation, the warding off of the ravages of aging and sun damage! It is better to prevent than to correct!

For those of us who have missed the opportunity to prejuvenate (there were no rejuvenating lasers when I was 30!) we may chose to do a series of Fraxel Duals to get maximum correction and then simply do a single treatment every few years to keep up with the inevitable (yes we still will age).

That was the year that was!

About a year ago I realized that 2014 would be the year that I would turn 60. And yes indeed, I did become a sexagenarian on October 1. So my New Year’s resolution last January was to take my own advice. I have spent the last 30 years counseling patients on how to look great for where they are in life (it isn’t about staying young, it’s best to accept that aging is inevitable, might as well enjoy it). As a cosmetic dermatologist I know how to use non-invasive procedures to make a real difference in people’s lives. So this past year I did a few things for myself, and then blogged about it.

December: SkinMedica Lytera/Retinol/TNS Essential Serum
I started on a really comprehensive skin care plan. It’s not that I have not used various products over the years, I am forever receiving new lotions and potions from cosmeceutical companies trying to gain my favor so that we will offer their products to our patients. The downside is that I rarely stuck to a real regimen. Finally I put my skin first.

January: Ultherapy, face and neck; Thermage, eyes; Liposonix thighs*; Thermage Body, thighs.
I did all of these procedures on the same day! All are non invasive and take a few months to reach optimal results. I tackled facial laxity, thigh cellulite and sagging in one fell swoop.

February: IPL, neck
After years of exposing my fair skin to the AZ sun (and after numerous sunburns at the Jersey Shore as a kid) I had become a real “red neck”. IPL is ideal for reducing redness.

March: CoolSculpting, bra fat
I started a new life style of healthy eating and exercise and to kick start my plans I killed some unattractive back fat.

April: Voluma, midface; Belotero, liplines
Along with a new healthier lifestyle, I lost some weight and it all came off of my face. Volume loss plagues all of us starting in middle age (I will let you decide what middle age is) and is worse with weight loss. Voluma (an injectable filler that lasts up to 2 years) puts it back and with instant gratification. The Belotero (injectable filler for etched-in lines) was for my annoying lip lines.

May: miraDry, armpits
This reduces armpit sweating! No more deodorant, antiperspirant, white marks on my little black dress and no more throwing out white shirts because of yellow stains. My most surprising gratifying procedure: minimal sweat and no odor without chemicals, and results were immediate.

June: Fraxel, face, neck and chest; Active FX upper lip lines
Age spots, pre-cancers, sun damage, fine lines all improved with resurfacing. Remember, I spent summers at the Jersey Shore, too much sun before I knew better.

July: Dysport, upper face
Botox/Dysport/Xeomen are all neuromodulators. They all are effective at reducing movement related wrinkles like frown lines and crow’s feet.

August: Voluma, jawline*
I have always hated my profile: weak chin and jawline. My friend Dr. Heidi Waldorf (Mt Sinai, NY, NY) added volume to these areas, and the results were more than gratifying to me.

September: miraDry, 2nd treatment, armpits
At least 30% of people need 2 treatments for best results.

October: Latisse
Eyelashes are an unexpected casualty of aging. Latisse topical solution adds length, thickness and darkness to wimpy eyelashes when applied daily. Easy enough!

November: Botox, neck.*
Surprisingly to some, the neck skin is lined by a thin muscle. With age, we develop unattractive “neck cords” that respond very well to a little relaxation from a neuromodulator.
* these procedures are considered “off label” by the FDA. Although they are well researched and shown to be effective the FDA has not yet ruled on them since the data has not been reported to them at this time

Over the past year, I’ve been able to experience the procedures that my staff and I perform on a daily basis. I have also experienced the great results of non-invasive procedures. I often say that what we offer is something between doing nothing and having significant plastic surgery. Now I think the results from our combinations of non-invasive treatments are actually better. Not looking “done” is a great thing. Seriously, people have commented that I look better than I did 10 years ago.

As I write this, awaiting the birth of my second grandchild, I must say that 60 is indeed the new 40. I couldn’t be happier to be the best I can be for where I am in life.

Doc’s Journey

Just because the holiday season is upon us, doesn’t mean we have to let it get the best of us. As Doc enters the final month of her journey, she’ll share how to fizzle out holiday stresses with these last-minute fixes like (TBD). Perfect for those seeking procedures with little-to-no-downtime or a quick pick-me-up between holidays.

I have spent the past year, the year I turned 60, giving myself the gifts that we give our patients every day. And the results have been very satisfying… more about that in my final blog on my journey (Doc’s Journey) in January.

At the moment I am so much more interested in sharing the “quick fixes” or answers to “OMG! The Holidays are upon us and I need a quick pick-me-up before the office Holiday Party!!!”

1. Botox: Tried and true. With millions of treatments done over the last 10 years it is hard to understand why anyone would be afraid of giving Botox (or similar products Dysport and Xeomen) a try. Allow two weeks for results that will last well past the season. Areas that are commonly treated include frown lines and crow’s feet. Christmas and New Years are not the times to look angry. A simple, 10-minute painless (OK, maybe a couple of needle pricks) procedure that only takes a few minutes out of your active life. Drop by on the way to the mall!
2. Voluma: Instant lift! Seriously, instant gratification with results that persist for up to two years. I have never seen a filler (fillers are injected under the skin with a tiny needle) that restores the volume of youth like Voluma and it is instant! Voluma is a form of Juvederm, FDA approved in 2013, that I feel is a true revolution in non-invasive rejuvenation. It is not only for the older patient though; enhanced cheekbones look good on all ages.
3. Fillers: The more traditional Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero are perfect for lines like lip lines, wrinkles like smile lines and folds like the ones from your nose to the corner of your lips. Results occur immediately. Even lips can be plumped and enhanced in minutes. You get to party on New Year’s Eve without the lines!
4. Clear and Brilliant: I call it “polishing the apple.” C & B is a light resurfacing laser with about a 12-hour recovery (redness is gone the next day, skin feels rough for a few days). The result: bright, fresh, smooth skin with just one treatment. Consider a series of treatments over the first few months of the new year for really meaningful improvements in color, tone and texture.
5. Upgrade your skin care: Explore the GRASS program by SkinMedica, everything you need (growth factors, antioxidants, retinoids, skin brighteners and systems that include free cleansers and sunscreens). You may not see dramatic results before Christmas but you are on your way to beautiful, more youthful skin, and you deserve it!

Happy Holidays!

Ultra Effects with Ultherapy

The chest: the new frontier in anti-aging! I used to joke that the vertical lines and wrinkles on the chest and between the breasts were good; they meant you had generous cleavage! Flat-chested girls don’t have that problem (until they get their implants). It is always good to not take things too seriously, especially if you can’t do anything about it. But now my tune has changed, because you can do something.

Ultherapy has been around for several years for lifting and firming. It was first FDA approved for the brow, and then the lower face, followed by clearance for the neck. The chest was just recently approved, and we are seeing very nice improvement in those really annoying lines. An extra bonus…studies have shown a mini-breast lift phenomenon in some ladies!

As with everything I do, Ultherapy is noninvasive. It utilizes ultrasound to spot and treat the sagging skin and underlying tissues. Tiny bursts of ultrasound energy create just enough heat in the right spots to give a shrink-wrap effect. The change is detectable immediately, but it takes a few months of the newly triggered collagen formation to get maximum results. There are minimal after effects, such as some temporary soreness, and rarely, temporary numbness. That’s why I love noninvasive treatments.

Combining great resurfacing with the Ultherapy treatment gives even nicer results. Lasers like Fraxel Dual remove brown spots, precancers and surface sun damage (fine lines, rough texture, even some scars respond well), while Ultherapy works on the deeper damage and aging.

But the skin does not live on ultrasound/lasers alone. It’s important to feed your fibroblasts (the cells that make the all-important collagen). All tissues have specific growth factors that keep them going. Skin is no exception. Skin-growth factors are natural skin components (there are hundreds that work in unison) that influence the skin to act like skin. Skin-growth factors will not bulk you up like growth hormones. One thing skin does well when we are young, but not so well later in life, is make collagen. Natural collagen is made all the time, just less so after the age of 30. Without it, wounds would never heal.

The best source of skin-growth factors that I know is Tissue Nutrient Solution (TNS). It was originally identified in cell cultures. The cells were essentially making their own protein shakes to keep each other going and growing. It seems that if we can apply to the skin a high enough concentration of these factors we can, in fact, produce a result, and that is what we do!!

Here is a great prescription for your chest: one Ultherapy, one Fraxel and one bottle of TNS. Repeat as needed.

Aging Gracefully & Filling in the Blanks

As we embark into a new season, we continue on Doc’s Journey with her as she enters a milestone in life: her 60th birthday! Read along as she shares tips for how you can look as good as you feel at any age, aging as gracefully as possible.

Fall is upon us, although in AZ it never really seems that way. Fall is falling upon me as well (if you think your life has seasons) as I am staring 60 in the face. Honestly, this year of renewal has been great. I started the year deciding I was going to follow the advice I give to my patients. That advice: be the best you can be for where you are at in life! It’s ok to make the outsides fit the way you feel inside. And at this stage in my life I do not feel old, 60 is the new 30, right? No, I don’t need to look 30 but I do need to feel good about my appearance. I color my hair, I iron my clothes, bathe, shower and do my make-up, not out of vanity but out of respect for myself. It makes me feel good.

How does all of this introspection relate to what I do for my patients (and me)? We live in a world where, with little or no risk, we can slow down physical and cosmetic aging and restore some of what we have lost due to time, environment and life style choices. When I was 35 I had 4 little boys all under the age of 6, a full time practice and was a single mom. Not a lot of sleep, exercise or healthy eating going on then. It takes its toll. Others may have worked or played outdoors suffering the consequences of sun wind and temperature on the skin. Many work hard at home and in the work force to provide for their families.

Maybe it is our time to take care of ourselves. Maybe we are older and wiser, child rearing is done, or we have a more secure income. We look in the mirror and say: I’d like to see an earlier model of me!
So here are some things we can do about it:
Resurfacing: removes signs of sun damage and reduces risks of skin cancer, evens out pigment, texture and fine lines and wrinkles. There are 4 levels of resurfacing so one size does not have to fit all.
Skin Tightening: short of a face lift there was nothing one could do about sagging and laxity of the skin until the last decade. Two state of the art technologies (radio frequency and ultrasound) are well tested and non-invasive to give some of the firmness and lift back to our skin.
Volume Replacement: we finally figured out that as we age we lose fat, muscle and bone. This is SO true in the face. Replacing some of that lost volume with fillers (soft, injectable jello like, natural and biodegradable) is easily done and lasts up to 2 years. It can be amazing how uplifting and replenishing even some volume can be.
Fat Reduction: yes, exercise and diet are very important but let’s acknowledge that we are not perfect and even if we were there can be areas of fat that just still hang on (love handle, bra fat, lower belly: what Kathy Lee Gifford calls the “menopot”). Two non-surgical methods are FDA approved and are permanent. We can freeze or we can melt fat in targeted areas, and sometimes we do both!
Sweat: I find the sweat thing very annoying and I am tired of it. Lucky for us the FDA approved a treatment to dramatically reduce under arm sweat, non-surgical and very long lasting – we think permanent, as sweat glands like fat cells don’t come back once they are gone. Side effects: odor and hair reduction in the arm pits ☺
Skin Care: Even I am overwhelmed with all the choices! What we need is scientifically researched, simple, safe, effective, and cosmetically pleasing products that restore healthy (and therefore attractive) skin. As a dermatologist, I can tell you it’s possible. Gotta love your skin care (you brush your teeth don’t you? Skin hygiene is just as important).

Aging Gracefully, the theme for a seminar I am giving, is what it is about for me. I talk about the procedures (all non-invasive cosmetic dermatologic) and products (all physician grade with real science behind them) that I have found allow us to age gracefully. And us, includes me. I don’t mind sharing my before and after photos. I don’t mind being questioned on what it was like to have one procedure or another. I really don’t mind that people who have not seen me in years tell me that I look better than I did a decade ago!

What’s a Little Filler, Between Friends!

Last month I had a great trip to see my family back east.  Dad, step mom and brother are still in New Jersey, while one of my sons (#3 out of 4) is in Indianapolis.  His name is Geoff and he’s a doctor ☺ doing two residencies, Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at Indiana University.  I tried to talk him into Dermatology, but he just loves saving lives, particularly small lives.  I like to say he saves lives and I make life worth living.  He will understand when he is older.

Whenever I head back east I take a few days for myself in NYC.  I run in Central Park, see a few shows and eat like crazy.  This time I did something a little different.  I visited my friend Heidi.

Heidi Waldorf, MD:  Mt. Sinai Medical Center, world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist and expert injector.  I didn’t go just for the lunch!

I went for me.  Being just a breath away from 60, I wanted to see what she could do for me.  As a physician, cosmetic dermatologist and international speaker/trainer for lasers and injectable myself you would think getting things done for myself would be easy.  And it is, but as you know making time for yourself is never simple.

I arrived at Mt. Sinai Department of Dermatology on the upper east side of

Manhattan.  You definitely know you are in a big hospital system.  The required paperwork was completed in a big, busy waiting area.  Dr. Waldorf’s assistant of many years, a wonderful warm woman with an endearing eastern European accent escorted me to a treatment room.  Up on the exam table, the room was WHITE, very clinical and sparse (this is a serious medical center).  In walks my friend Heidi, warm hugs, quick catch up and then she transforms to the very professional Dr Waldorf.  She assessed my face; we discussed shape, volume and balance.  I hate my profile I tell her.  I have always had a small chin and the jawline has never been strong and well defined.  I am thin, and my face is even thinner.  I have had some filler to lift my cheeks but could still use something.  I put my face in Dr. Waldorf’s hands, literally!

The procedure itself was an injection, with a very small needle, of Voluma and Juvederm (a Jell-O like substances called hyaluronic acid).  Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin and therefore is readily accepted into the body, and it acts by taking up space and filling out areas of volume loss and wrinkling (also depressed scars).  There are various brand names: Belotero, Restylane, Perlane, Voluma, Juvederm and more around the world.  The results can last anywhere from a few months to up to 2 years (Voluma).  I was treated in the cheek area (FDA approved area for Voluma) and in the jaw and chin area (considered “off label”, meaning the FDA has not given an opinion on treatment in that area). Juvederm was also used for some small areas around my mouth.

An hour later we were having lunch at a street side café.  I had a small bruise on my left cheek and my face felt numb slowly evolving to sore, a small price to pay for looking great.  And I was happy ☺!


Fat and Sweat!

drDoc’s Journey continues this month as she takes the patient’s seat and shares her experience as she receives the latest in cosmetic dermatology treatments. This month Dr. Van Dyke is discussing the latest options for a couple of embarrassing problems – pesky packets of body fat and sweat!

Two things we need more of, right?? In the age of fitness an extra bulge signals that you are not trying hard enough. A little sweat on that cute silk blouse or a white smudge on the little black dress means your hygiene is less than acceptable. I want to look my best, not perfect but darn good for where I am in life. So for August I’m tackling fat and sweat.

Fat first: I’m pretty fit, but since menopause excess bra fat has been driving me crazy!! I know others, both men and women of all ages, who have pockets of fat here and there (lower abdomen, upper abdomen, outer and inner thighs, muffin tops, love handles and more) that need sculpting.  Liposuction works great for these areas but there are problems. It’s surgery (!) with the attendant anesthesia, risks and recovery. Happily I have a plan B.

As part of my “I am turning 60 this year” campaign, I’ve decided to get rid of the back fat. So I had CoolSculpting. It took an hour on each side and I got a lot of paperwork done while I was being treated. Recovery time was zero – no pain, no numbness, no problem (individual experiences may vary).

I also hate the fat and cellulite on my thighs. Liposonix is perfect for this (although this is considered an “off label” area by the FDA, which means that they have not approved its safety and efficacy. However, studies that we participated in have been done and submitted to establish this). This is different than CoolSculpting, but is also non invasive with no downtime. The treatments are usually faster and can be less expensive; it depends on the specific areas and needs of an individual patient. Actually, sometimes we even combine the two technologies in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Now for sweat: No, I am not a person who sweats so much that I need to change my shirt three times a day. I just got tired of using chemicals daily and still having to deal with clothing marks and stains. We have been treating hyper-sweaters for years with major surgery, and more recently with Botox. And while these have produced good results, the side effects of surgery and the temporary nature of Botox have restricted these options to the really motivated patient.

For sweat-bothered people, like me, there is now a great answer!! miraDry was approved a couple of years ago but has not had much publicity until now. Just two non invasive treatments and 90% of patients reduce their armpit sweat dramatically for years (we think it’s permanent since it works by killing off a large percentage of sweat glands in the armpit, and sweat glands do not regrow). I had my first treatment 6 weeks ago and haven’t used deodorant since! My second and final treatment is due in another 6 weeks (it’s rare, but a patient may need a third treatment). No more clothing problems and I am very pleased!

Our next patient seminar event will explore all of these procedures. Join me and I will share my story with you!


Fillers: Sculpt the face

drvandykeAs I continue on my journey to the big “6-0”, I have taken a good hard look at the shape of my face. Aging declares itself with subtle changes starting with a decrease in volume of the upper face followed by an increase in width of the lower face. The overall effect is a loss of the youthful oval replaced with the more masculine square. No one wants to be a square. If you want to see your future face there is a fascinating website, aprilage.com, that lets you age yourself (or have fun with it – age someone else!)

Everything descends, darn that gravity! Folds form from excess skin folding on itself. Lines and wrinkles form when facial movements are repeated countless times over a lifetime. Very much like flexing a piece of leather, over time wrinkles set in. My dad used to say, “don’t give me that look, your face will freeze like that”, and he was right!

Solutions? Well one would be to grow out your hair and wear it a la Goldie Hawn. Has anyone seen her face? Most photos I find feature large sunglasses and the “face frame” do. Don’t get me wrong though, hair styling can enhance and hide all kinds of features and I support that! But for a little longer lasting solution, and one that looks good rolling out of bed in the morning, we can do wonders with fillers. Fillers are like Jell-O, they work by filling a space. They are great for replacing volume in the upper face, for that we use Voluma. It is made by Allergan, the Botox people, and lasts as long as 2 years! It is injected with a tiny needle and gives instant gratification. I had my first taste of Voluma recently and voilà! Cheeks were lifted.

For the wrinkle side of things the more traditional fillers (Restylane and Juvederm) and a newer option (Belotero) serve as the spackle once the volume is enhanced. Even the finest lines can be improved with very small amounts of filler. I had Belotero for my lip lines after some well-meaning (?!) doctor asked me why I didn’t treat my “smokers lines”….I don’t smoke!

What is the difference between the popular fillers? Well they are all basically the same: hyaluronic acid, which is composed of strings of sugar molecules. Each company has a proprietary method of making their fillers which can influence how thick they are and how long they last. Generally the thicker the filler is, the more lift and the greater longevity. For fine lines we need a very thin product which correlates with less longevity.

We need all our fillers to undo what nature is doing to us. And a new hairdo doesn’t hurt, either! Check out our events page and RSVP to our next patient seminar where we will discuss sculpting and framing your face with injectables and the perfect do!

Turning 60 Is No Sweat!

drvandykeThis month is something different: I am doing something BRAND NEW and I am not sweating it one bit. My new toy, gadget, highly technical piece of equipment is miraDry. MiraDry gives you practically sweat free armpits after one or two treatments.

I had my first treatment yesterday. No, I do not have a serious sweating problem. I have a serious wardrobe problem, namely: I can’t keep a white shirt for more than a half dozen wearings! Icky, yellowish marks come from nowhere and increase progressively until my only option is to donate to Goodwill (they probably don’t want them either) or walk around with my arms plastered to my sides hoping no one notices the tell-tale sign that, yes, I do indeed sweat. Light colored silk can be an issue too with small dark crescents forming under my arms just when I want to look fabulous. Again, the solution: keep my arms by my side.

So I have decided to sweat like a lady!

MiraDry is an FDA cleared noninvasive procedure that provides long lasting results by destroying sweat glands under the surface of the skin. Kind of like laser hair removal where hair follicles are targeted and destroyed. Sweat glands don’t regrow (and by the way, only 2% of your sweat glands live in your armpits so you will never miss them). More than 90% of people treated had dramatic decreases in sweating immediately after one or two treatments, and miraDry has an incredible 95% satisfaction rating on RealSelf.com.

Of course Botox is also approved to treat underarm sweating and I have treated many patients with Botox injections with great results. Unfortunately Botox has to be repeated at least once a year. From a cost and time commitment point of view, miraDry is a much better value!

If you are a really heavy sweater (change your shirt multiple times a day) this treatment is life changing. This condition is referred to as hyperhidrosis and can be devastating to one’s social and professional life.

If you are like me and are simply bothered by sweat you will get great benefits, too. You can be pretty confident that you will never have to check for sweat stains again (and save tons on deodorants, dry cleaning and new white shirts). Did I mention two of the side effects are actually benefits: odor is reduced and so is under arm hair!

Back to me: I had miraDry last night. My nurse numbed my armpits with a local anesthetic (I felt a few pinches). The applicator was placed on my skin and a warm pulse of energy was delivered. This was repeated multiple times. I felt no pain during the treatment and it took about 20 minutes for each side.   After treatment I applied ice to each side to reduce the swelling and soreness that are expected when the anesthesia wears off. When I woke up this morning I honestly had forgotten that I had had anything done. I had no pain at all. I did see some local swelling under each arm (about golf ball size) and have had some mild soreness and tenderness which should disappear in a couple of days.

So far I haven’t sweated a drop. If in 3 months there is still some sweat I can have miraDry done again for even better result. In the meantime, I think I will go buy a new white blouse!

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