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Click here to read Dr. Van Dyke’s answers to questions about Sculptra on RealSelf.com.

The new face is a soft, full youthful one. Choices have expanded over the last few years and now with the introduction of SculptraAesthetic we have a great new addition to our anti-aging bag of tricks.  SculptraAesthetic is a long lasting injectable that is changing the way we revitalize an aging face.  It works differently than the ususal dermal fillers.  It is injected just under the surface of the skin.  It acts as a biostimulant, meaning SculptraAesthetic stimulates the production of collagen in the skin.  Hollow cheeks fill out, deep grooves from the nose to the mouth fill in.  The result:  you look like you, only better!  Natural contours are restored and correction can last for 2 years or more.

The secret ingredient is poly L lactic acid, the same material that absorbable surgical sutures are made of.  The material is dissolved in water, a local anesthetic is added and is injected with a tiny needle into the area that needs correction.  Over the next  few weeks the skin is stimulated and the correction gradually develops.

But Sculptra is not really new. It was originally FDA approved for treatment of the facial wasting that can occur in people who with HIV/AIDS over 3 years ago.  Results have been excellent in restoring a healthful appearance. The good news is that the FDA approved SculpraAesthetic for cosmetic use in 2009.

Because of the nature of SculptraAesthetic multiple treatments are needed over the space of several months to achieve results.  There is some swelling and soreness after treatment and bruising can occur. Side effects include rare bumps that slowly fade. ScuptraAesthetic is a welcome addition to our filler options.

Dr. Van Dyke discusses volume, aging and Sculptra in video from AM Arizona.

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